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Nitrogen Oxide Analyzer

The AAQMS-600 Nitrogen oxide (NOX) analyser delivers precise and reliable performance at excellent value. It uses proven Chemiluminescence technology to Measure NO, NO2 and NOx in ambient air with standard range 0~100 ppb and 0.5 ppb detectable limit.It is CPCB / USEPA approved method and meets the latest specifications of National Ambient Air Quality Standards.


Nitrogen Oxide in ambient are measured indirectly by photometrically measuring the light intensity, resulting from the chemiluminescent reaction of nitric oxide (NO) with ozone (O3), NO2 is first quantitatively reduced to NO by means of converter, NO, which commonly exits in ambient air together with NO2, passes through the converter unchanged causing a resultant total NOX concentration equal to NO+NO2.

A sample of the input air is also measured without having passed through the converted. This latter NO measured (NO+NO2) to yield the final NO2 measurement.

Key Features
  • Permeation dryer on Ozone generator
  • Catalytic Ozone scrubber
  • Independent ranges for NOx , NO and NO2
  • Multi-Tasking software allows viewing text variables while operating
  • Internal Data logging with 1 min to 365 days Multiple averages.
Technical Data