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Ozone Analyzer

The AAQMS-300 Ozone (O3) analyser delivers precise and reliable performance at excellent value. It uses proven UV Absorption technology with standard range 0~100 ppb and < 0.6 ppb (RMS) detectable limit. It is CPCB / USEPA approved method and meets the latest specifications of National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

perodical diversion on sample flow passing through the ozone scrubber will generate reference measurement, which is compared with the sample measurement to provide the sable and representative results.


The concentration of ambient ozone is propotional to UV light absorption since there is significant characteristic absorption ozone on wavelength of 254nm.

A sample of the input air is also measured without having passed through the converted. This latter NO measured (NO+NO2) to yield the final NO2 measurement.

Ozone Scrubber

The Ozone scrubber is filled with Mno2 as catalyst,which will be convert O3 to O2 to form refernce gas.Mean while,the presence of other component remain same.

Key Features
  • Accurate Direct UV Adsorption with Refernce Comparison
  • Various Outputs Include Ethernet and Rs232
  • User Friendly interface with Large Screen
  • Multi-Tasking software allows viewing text variables while operating
  • Internal Data logging with 1 min to 365 days Multiple averages.
Technical Data
Standard Range Min:0~50 ppm F.S.
Max:0~1000ppm F.S. (Selectable)
Zero Noise 0.4ppb(RMS)
Span Noise 2.5ppb
Lower Detectable limit 0.65ppb
Zero Drift(24 hours) 1 ppb
Span Drift(24 hours) 1%F.S.
Linearity 1% F.S
Operating Temperature 20~30° C rang (per US EPA guidelines).