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Zero Air Generator

The accuracy and precision of an air quality or emission monitoring system can only be optimised with the use of repeatable and traceable calibration equipment. SN Enviro provides automatic gas dilution calibrators, calibration gas standards and high performance zero air generators for the calibration of all gas analysers in a monitoring system.

The dilution calibrator enables the mixing of source gas, from calibration gas cylinders, with zero air, from the zero air generator, in order to generate a wide range of calibration gas concentrations. This allows multipoint calibrations to be performed on the various analysers,

AQMS-100 Zero Air Gas Generator

Zero Air Generators have been designed to supply zero air (contaminant free) to a dilution calibration system.

The system comprises a compressed air source, permeation dryer and a series of optional scrubbers chosen depending on the application, producing clean, dry dilution quality “zero air.”


AQMS-100 Generates clean and dry zero air by removing components which will cause interfernce on monitoring results.

HC/CO/NO Scrubber

To remove the hydrocarbons, CO and NO, three dependent scrubbers appliying catalytic are used , where HC and CO will be convered into CO2 which does not interfer analysis and NO will be conveted into NO2 which will be removed by purifier

Key Features
  • Ultra High Purity Zero Air
  • Integerated Dew Point Sensor.
  • Regenerative dryer utilizing molecular sieve to perform maintenance free Advantage
  • High Performance Scrubbers to remove hydrocarbon, CO, SO2, NO, NO2 and Ozone.
  • Remote display and Configuration on Key functions.
Technical Data

Output 20 SLPM at 30 psig
Dew Point -300c   
Output Concentration  SO2:<0.025 ppb

NO:<0.025 ppb

NO2:<0.025 ppb




System Drawing